What we do?

As professionals addicted to Design, Arts, Communication and Technology, the main power is to be a Digital Services "Bureau", with activities target on:

Design and Creative Services

Digital Design

Information Architecture, and charting concepts of interface and interactivity to websites, social networks, systems and Apps Mobile or Desktop.

Motion Design

For creating opening film, animation, special effects, scenery virtual model, digital packshot and presentations with 2D and 3D professional resources.

Audiovisual Online

Creation, production and audiovisual product editing video or photo, to support online disclosures, including pre and post production activities.

Digital Signage

Design and Operation Services for Indoor TV, Interactive Showcase, Menu Board, Corporate TV, Indoor Media, and DOOH (Digital out of Home).

Promotion and Events

Creating digital pieces of promotional support and outreach to targeted actions events, retail and sales.

Visual Identity

Brand creation, Corporate Identity Manual with tabbed mark applications, customized office supplies and stationery material.

Graphic Production

Creation and Final Art of printed pieces for publicity and advertising in general or editorial lines of Newspapers, Books and Magazines.

Digital Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Otimization

Website Optimization and Solutions Development with maximum compliance and integration with search engines and social networks pattern.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Link "Building" strategy, planning and monitoring campaigns with sponsored links on search engines and social networks.

Development and Technology

System Analysis

Analysis, identification and customized development processes of any production chain, to have more efficient operations.


Programming routines and customized processes in the development of websites, applications, software, algorithms and systems.


Modeling and database management with execution of design, implementation and maintenance routines of SQL, My SQL and Oracle technology.

“Business Intelligence”

Extract new business concepts by crossing information with monitoring and feedback, based on analysis of records with data flow and use of applications.

New Technology

Monitoring, development and integration of new technologies in the IT sector, with utility, need and suitability tests.

Hosting and Technical Support


Hosting Managed Services, shared or dedicated, for sites, apps and systems, based on the physical structure and service solutions in partnership with LOCAWEB.

Setup and Configuration

Supporting services for the installation routines, configuration, maintenance of Online solutions.

Technical Support

Technical Support Service level 1 and 2 for management solutions and hosting issues of online services.

Backup and Security

Application security management, with frequent routine backup and restore of Online solutions.

Project Management

Project Management

Management teams and projects with agile methodologies for production and development.

Solution Planning

Business planning and Design services, offering the feasibility of integrated solutions with the actual technology.


Support in the registration process and Trademark monitoring the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

Domain Name Services

Technical configuration and support in the registration process and publication of national and international domains.


Recruitment, selection, hiring and training of outsourced professional Graphic Design, Media, Digital Marketing and Information Technology.

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