Who we are?

With experience in projects and teams managing in Advertising and IT activities, we are a brazilian digital production company, which began its activities in 2004 with Game Designing and Development, but since 2007 works with general activities of Creative Design, Development and Digital Marketing.

Today, we have a scalable service structure, able to integrate professional teams and remote workers of different technical skills, as the dynamics of projects needs.

Strategic Positioning


Act in the market as a Service Bureau and Creating Solutions, Advertising, Design, Production and Digital Development.


Global scenario of "Digital Revolution", with many opportunities with high-impact and frequent transformation of the means of production, social, cultural and political as well.


Engagement of commitment to the project and its results, as well as maintaining an ethical and professional conduct long-term for the relationship with customers, partners, suppliers and staff.


Efficiency and satisfaction in services, with more adequate and speedy solutions according to best value for budget, quality, resources and deadlines.


Be strategic and operational strength to production and development of systems projects, Communication, Marketing and Digital Design your company or professional organization.

Gestão e Atendimento

Alexandre Fernandez

(Advertising and Social Communication)

Especializações: Creative, Art Direction, Digital Design, Audiovisual, Team Management, Business and Entrepreneur.

Perfil Profissional: LinkedIn

Lucas Andrade

(Technology and Development)

Especializações: System Analysis, Data Process, Development, Project Management, Business and Entrepreneur.

Perfil Profissional: LinkedIn

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